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Removing users from a sync subset

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Removing users from a sync subset

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Hi folks.


   We've got an outside sales person coming in, and need to create a remote database for them with a subset of records.  I can get the subset set up fine, but it always includes all the other users - and we don't want to include those records in what the new person can see.  Is there a way to create a sync subset that blocks users from being in the subset?  [We also may want to give him access to certain users but not others - but we'd really prefer he not be able to see things in the records of our existing users.


We're using Act! Premium Version




John Collier


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Re: Removing users from a sync subset

Hi John,


I see 2 ways to go accomplish this:


1. When creating the sync set, there is a panel for setting criteria.  These criteria can be used to create filters of which contacts will be synced to the remote database.  Sounds to me like you'd want to add a line to this criteria along the lines of, "Record Manager not equal to Person XYZ".  Or if you actually want to block him from seeing other users of the database, then your filter could look something like "Is User Equal To False".




2. Act Premium can assign records to teams.  Each contact in Act! can be assigned to one or multiple teams from the contact access tab.  You can set up team members in Tools > Manage Teams.  This way, the new user will never see contacts assigned to a team he is not a member of, even if he is logged in to someone else's computer.


My recommendation is to go the first route, by defining sync set criteria.  I think we've got a youtube video somewhere around I can find for you if you'd like help with that.

Good luck!

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......Stephen Boulden
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Re: Removing users from a sync subset

The My records can't be excluded from a sync set. Each users my record is connected to any records where that user is the record creator or record manager. This requires that all users My records be included in any sync set. The same is true limited access with ACT! premium.

Roy Laudenslager
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Re: Removing users from a sync subset

I have asked for this a number of times and lost sales as a result. If only a user record could be allowed to be hidden via the Publc, Private, Team option it would go a long way to overcoming this omission without to much work for the design team.

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Re: Removing users from a sync subset

Thanks for the feedback guys.

I would suggest submitting this functionality request to the Share Your Ideas board so it can be reviewed by our Product Management team..