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Remove annual event (birthday) reminders

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Remove annual event (birthday) reminders

In ACT 2011 Premium, we are getting alarms/reminders for birthdays.  We did not set these birthdays up as recurring to-do's with alarms so I'm not sure why they keep popping up.  What is the best/easiest way to remove these recurring events?





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Re: Remove annual event (birthday) reminders

I have been working on this issue for several days including a call to Gold Level Support. The tech helped me remove the remiders (50,000) but did not explian how it happened. Here's what I have learned.


If you sync with Outlook calendar, be aware that Outlook creates recurring reminders for every contact that has birthday information entered. According to Microsoft, this feature cannot be disabled. Only by removing the birtdate (anniversary behaves the same way) can you stop the auto reminders.


The problems occur in Act when you have gone into preferences and checked off the feature to roll over past uncleared appointments. Tools>Preferences>Calendar & Scheduling>Scheduling Preferences>Automatically roll over to today


Act syncs every Outlook reminder as an appointment. While this might seem advantageous on the surface, in practice Act lists an uncleared appointment for every year of life since birth for every contact in your database, generating literally thousands of past uncleared appointments.


The problem can be compounded if you use a smart task to place birtday reminders into the Act Calendar which syncs with Outlook creating even more duplicates. 


Do not understand why Act has not addressed this issue as it must be common among a huge number of users who synch with Outlook.