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Remove Outlook Items from ACT! Calendar?

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Remove Outlook Items from ACT! Calendar?

One of my coworkers synched her Outlook Calendar to her ACT! calendar - inlcuding all past items from back in January.  Now, when she opens ACT! the Calendar Alerts pops open with 1,000+ uncleared items.  This causes her ACT! to crash, leaving her unable to use the program at all.


I thougth I could make her a new remote database from our main server copy and this would fix the problem. I created a new remote database for her, installed it and opened it. Same thing, 1000+ calendar alerts and a frozen program.


Then, I thought that maybe I could look at her task list on my server copy and clear out some of this extra stuff...but none of the Outlook items are on the server copy.


Is there a way I can remove all of her Outlook items from her ACT! Calendar so she can use the program again without me having to uninstall completely and start over?

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Re: Remove Outlook Items from ACT! Calendar?

You can set the date on the computer back a couple years so that the alarms do not pop up.  Then go to Tools > Outlook Calendar > Remove Calendar Data