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Remote linking

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Remote linking

Dear Forum members


Initially an apology if this is the wrong forum.

I have been asked by two colleagues if I can help them set up their IT infrastructure such that they can share a copy of ACT.

They both work from home, person A will have the database on his workstation and person B will work autonomously and synchronise with the person A’s on a weekly basis.

Person A will then send person B a copy of the data file to be installed on their machine and then the cycle repeats.

Now I am familiar with the IT side (connecting the PC’s, port forwarding on the router etc) but a stranger to ACT.


1)      Is this a sensible way to do things

2)      My plan was to port forward via port 3389 (RDC).  Is there a better one

3)      Does anyone have or is there a data sheet on setting this up.

Their version of ACT is Premium 2009 (11)  Update  with a two user licence

Any guidance would be appreciated



Les W

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Re: Remote linking

You have a couple options

1. Internet Sync - Involves installing IIS on the host computer and opening port assigned in IIS.

2. Network Sync over the internet - Setup port forwarding using port assigned in network sync service.

3. Setup a VPN and use Network Sync.


I personally would setup Network Sync over the internet.


How To Install And Configure Internet Sync Service For ACT! By Sage Premium 2009 (11.0)

How To Use the ACT! Network Sync Service Across the Internet

How To Install And Configure Network Sync Service For ACT! By Sage Premium 2009 (11.0)