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Remote Databases - Does size matter?

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Remote Databases - Does size matter?

We're running Act 11.1 Premium.


My euro-colleagues are having 'generic' sync problems that appear to have only just started. They have 50000+ contacts.


They used to have specific synchronisation sets, showing only their sales area, as such their remote database was a fairly easy going 200Mb... They have been working fine like this for 18 months, with little to no problems.


However in great wisdom, it has been deemed necessary for each rep to be able to see the entire database. Now a remote database comes in at close to 2Gb... Since moving a few users over to these larger remote's the problems have started to creep in. I have no exact error messages to relate, but I am told they're almost all sync related.


2Gb to me is a huge size for an RDB and whilst I appreciate the whole database does not sync, I can't imagine that much data coming from all over the place will help...


First of all, is 2Gb for an RDB 'huge'? Secondly, is it likely to cause a problem?

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Re: Remote Databases - Does size matter?

We have databases we host that are that large, so that may not be the isssue, From your post, I'd say there are at least 2 things that may be your issue.


1) if you databaser, is that large, sync very frequently, every hour or at least once a day.  The more data is changed, the more frequently you should be syncing.

2) if you changed the sync sets without making new remote databases, we have seen this break the remotes.  You wil lneed to recut them.


Try by cutting a b rand new remote nad synching frequently.  this we have seen to work, although there is  more upkeep/maintenance on everyone's end with a really large database.

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Re: Remote Databases - Does size matter?

The database limit is 4GB (10GB with ACT! 2011 and SQL 2008)

Have you looked in the sync logs for any errors?
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Re: Remote Databases - Does size matter?

Our database has grown to about 650 mb and it now takes 1-2 hours to create a new rdb file. We recently had two cases where user accounts were unexpectedly locked. This required a remote session with an admin account to unlock them.

This week I have not been able to install an rdb for two new users that will allow them to log in. I posted a message on this issue last night.

I don't know if this is related tot he database size but they only started cropping up in the last couple weeks after 8 months of clear sailing.
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Re: Remote Databases - Does size matter?

Hello Ted,
Are you including the supplemental files (attachments, etc.) with the RDB? If so, how large is the Attachments file? If you exclude the supplemental files, is the RDB created faster?

Greig Hollister

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Re: Remote Databases - Does size matter?

My DB is 65,558 contact records, 806 Companys and 33 Divisions Records.

If you use Run:ACTDIAG.EXE and list the DB to see the size mine is currently at 578MB which does not factor in the attachment files in the DB Subfolder Attachments.

I'm running HP laptop Intel Duo Core T9300 @ 2.5GHz, Win7 64bit, ACT! Prem 2011 SP1 Hotfix2 (just came out yesterday) uses SQL 2008 on Primary and Remote DB. 

I use Network Sync and Logmein Hamachi VPN service. If your running Internet Sync I can't say if slower by how much.


It took 7min. to create my 783MB remote DB file that contains from the DB Attachment folder 2,356 PDF, DOCs, email files, 635MB which accounts for the large remote DB file size when you have to backup and or VPN/FTP send it over to remote PC.


Even though your running ACT! 11.1 SQL 2005 Express you should have similar times and file sizes.


To deal with how long a sync takes from Euro to UK?  Create a remote DB from a clean ACTDEMO DB have it reside over there and remote control that system with Logmein Pro Free or GoToMeeting like program to make changes to ACT records like change values in a few fields for many records, create new contact records.  Then force it to Sync Now and time it.  Next only add attachments to a few records run the time test again.  Maybe your time is consumed syncing large DOC files, where as if you convert to PDF and attach to ACT records, as I do, that will help reduce sync time. 


I noticed years ago managing the DB it grows 30% every year which made little sense why until my findings.

Backup your working DB, Then Restore As a test DB to see if what I do works for you.


1. There has been an ACT! Bug that fails when you Reindex to compress DB size since I started with 2007 (9.0) and shown and confirmed with Beta Test Dept. still in 2011.  Knowing I removed 1000's of unwanted History record types (used Purge History) and Contact records then perform DB ACT! Menu: Tools | Database Maintenance | Check and Repair. Next run ACTDIAG.EXE and follow Answer ID#19642. 


2. Every year I do ID#19642 step Importing to a New (or Empty Copy) database which shrinks the DB down where as Just a Reindex in fact not shrink but will increase DB size by 1-2MB each time I run ACTDiag after I have touched a few Contact records and/or added history records.  I confirmed my DB is not an issue because I even ran tests on ACT's DemoDB.


3. If your ACTDIAG.EXE shows the Primary DB size is way over 600MB download Trial Purge History to see the quantity of History records and the types.  If you see a History Result (type) called "Field Changed" in 1000's you should go into Define fields and uncheck those fields Generate History.  Buy Purge History to remove those 1000's of confirmed unwanted record types. Then do the Save-As Empty Copy.


Good luck,


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Re: Remote Databases - Does size matter?

Many thanks for all your replies. The problem with syncing is that it either errors (error message roughly equates to timing out) or, some data (notes, histories etc) don't always sync over.


The sync logs aren't really conclusive.


I've just created two RDB's;


1 without any attachments took 12 minutes to create and rolled in at 420Mb.

1 with attachments took 23 minutes to create, and finished up at 1.3Gb...


How that helps me I don't know, but...... What's the general rule/reason for syncing attachments? Whats the downside to not syncing them, apart from the attachment/information not being visible on the remote database(s).