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Remote Database Information is unavailable- HELP

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Remote Database Information is unavailable- HELP

I have set up two laptops (one publisher, one subscriber) on a wireless network in my office.  I now have a third computer(desktop) also with wireless capabilities.  They are all connected to a wireless network and the two laptops are syncing buy the desktop is not able to.  I keep getting the error "Remote Database information is unavailable.  Please Check if the remote database was deleted.  Contact Admin."  I am the administrator, all of the computers have licenses.  All of them have full access.  The user accounts, antivirus, firewall are all turned off on the desktop because its running Vista (like the laptops).  I have heard that the "accept incoming syncs" needs to be turned off on the publisher computer because its set up to sync wirelessly.  How do I do this.  Any tips would be greatly appreciated....
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Re: Remote Database Information is unavailable- HELP

Try running database maintenance from actdiag on both sides.  If that fails, recreate the remote database.


Database Rebuild and Repair Procedures