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Remote Access Config Systems

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Remote Access Config Systems

my scenerio: ACT! Premuim/5 LAN users and 5 Remote user


What are the different types of remote servers systems are people using with the above scenerio? I'm looking for optimal performance but affordable. For example: 10 users/ Act! Premium/Terminal or Citrix Server (what kind of terminal server?) (What kind of Citrix product?)


I know that RDP can only handle one user at a time. I'm looking for concurrent remote users. 


Can Remote Clients be connected to a remote database simultaneously?


what are the pitfalls for remote access? 


Thanks, I'm looking for solutions 


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Re: Remote Access Config Systems

Terminal Services will cost you $100 per license, on top of the Server Operating System.

There are some whitepapers on ACT installed in a Terminal Services environment, and I'd encourage you toreview them before considering such a deployment.

Citrix is waaay more costly than TS, and the support costs are exhorbitant.


If hourly syncing is not good enough for you, perhaps you should consider ACT for Web.

What's better, it works in a mized environment, so your LAN users can still used the Windows Version on their LAN.



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Re: Remote Access Config Systems

Yes, multiple users on a remote LAN can connect to the same remote database


RDP can handle multiple users - up to 9 on a workstation OS (XP/Vista) or more with Windows 2003/2008 via Terminal Services.


Citrix is only really needed for many more users as it allows server farms.