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Recurring events with incorrect times using Google integration

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Recurring events with incorrect times using Google integration

We started using google integration as a way to get calendar information to Android smartphones after our upgrade to ACT! Premium 2012.  This solution has worked very well except for one major flaw.  Any recurring event created in ACT during daylight savings time (even if it was several years ago) currently displays an hour ahead of when it should be.  Our 10 am weekly meeting shows up at 9 am in the google calendar.  I've done some testing and found that once daylight savings time starts up again, the times will appear correctly in google, but a recurring event that was created during "standard time" (say November) will then appear an hour later than it should be.  So, our 10 am meeting will show up at 11 am, instead. 

This seems to be a problem with how the information is being passed from ACT! to google.  I say this because any event created in google and synced to ACT! works fine in both programs, that is until you decide to make a change to the event in ACT, then it reverts to the problem I described earlier.  The change I made was to the "regarding" field, not to the time.

Most of our users have many events recurring weekly or monthly, so this problem makes the calendar syncing almost unusable. 

Any possible solutions would be great!


Kadon Hodson
Technology Officer
TCK - The Trust Company of Kansas