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Recurrence Activity won't move

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Recurrence Activity won't move

Act! Premium Version, Update 3 on Windows 7 does not move recurrence activities. If you have a recurrence activity and wish to move the first occurrence to a future day, it use to disassociates the activity from the recurrence activity leaving the Recurrence Activity intact for future occurrences. 


In the Calendar window, a Recurrence Activity appears in today's calendar, you wish to defer it to tomorrow, you click hold and drag it to tomorrow's date on the calendar, "Remove Instance" window appear...












OK. The activity does not move tomorrow and remains on today's calendar.

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Re: Recurrence Activity won't move

Hi there ptrombetta,

I've done some quick testing and I'm not getting the same issue - so it doesn't look like a defect with the product.

When I click and drag a recurring entry I get the same message as above, when I click OK it does move to the targeted day.

Do you have any more information about the activity type? Call/Meeting/Todo - is it timeless? Does the same thing happen in the Demo Database?