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Records that go MIA?

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Records that go MIA?

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We are using ACT! 9.x/2007 Workgroup and I came acros a very peculiar thing today. I put in a record in the system for Chris Wolf - The Wolf Group on 9/3 and updated the notes 9/8. I added another record this morning, when Rhonda came over and told me she had also put in a record in the system for him also after forwarding his BP Pack to June. She was not avle to see my record on her machine (despite the fact I have had to synced the database a number of times since 9/3, including first thing this morning when I came in.) She said she had synced the database as well. we both re-syncd and refreshed our systems and now even my record is gone!


Has anybody else had such a thing happen to them?


Dennis Pedersen 



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Re: Records that go MIA?

Check to see if the record is set to private.
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Re: Records that go MIA?



Thank you for your response, I truly appreciate the help.


I cannot produce the record, in other words a search through the database does not show the record being in there, yet I created the record on 9/3 and added a note to it on 9/8 and this morning?!?


Our Server Administrator is gone til Monday and I am not sure about the main server, I am hoping it is in there and simply as you mention somehow got "turned off" so we can't see it. 


I have worked with ACT! since 1989 and had simular issues in 1999 and 2005. We never found those records but that was before 9.x for workgroups version.