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Record history - multiple email fields

Nickel Super Contributor
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Record history - multiple email fields

My understanding is that email will attach if the email address is in any email fields on the contact record.

However, history is not recorded if the email address is on a secondary contact record.


But I have unattached messages in the email progress dialog that are using the email address in an email field that is not the default.


Why would this be?  ACT! 2010/Win 7/Outlook 2007. 

Rita Kogstad
RKA Associates
Stamford, CT
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Re: Record history - multiple email fields

You are correct, the Outlook integration will scan the e-mail fields to look for matches - but does not include the Secondary Contact email fields. 


For the messages that are not attaching:

- on the progress screen (not attached tab), there will be a reason given in the Status column.  What is the reason shown?

- if the email address is not in the default email field, have you checked your 'other' email field(s) to ensure they are defined as 'E-Mail'?  This will be found under the Tools > Define Fields option.

- have you re-tried attaching any of the 'not attached' messages?  (highlight line and click on 'Retry Attach') 

Greg Martin