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Record History Issue on Emails

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Record History Issue on Emails

Help please!!! I'm running ACT! Premium 2008 (10.0) integrated with MS Office 2003. When I start up in the morning (or after reboot) and send emails they are recorded appropriately in the History log. Then, randomly, it will stop working. Even when I open the sent email, bring up the "Attach E-mail to Contacts" window, reattach the contact (and it looks successful) it does not work.


I know the apps are set up correctly because at times it works and I have verified that the Act.Outlook.Service.exe process is running when this happens...but don't know what else to try.


Does anyone know the answer? Or, at the very least, can anyone confirm that this is a known unresolved issue?


Many thanks, Joe

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Re: Record History Issue on Emails

It may be a refresh issue. If you close ACT! and re-open it do you find that the email attachment is against the contact. In ACT! 10.0 the link to the record was via the Contact Name not Email address. If you are sending email direct from Outlook and not via ACT! ( i.e. not clicking on the email address in  ACT! to initiate the send) OR you are replying to an email and the name (ACT! 10.0) is not in your database it isn't going to attach. Are you using MS Word as the email editor in Outlook?

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Re: Record History Issue on Emails

Have you checked to see if the "Act.Outlook.Service.exe" service is running via Task Manager as this can cause emails not recording to history if it is not running.
To check
Right mouse click your taskbar and then select Task Manager, when this opens click Processes and order them by clicking on the Image Name. If it's not in the list then browse to C:\Program Files\ACT\ACT for Windows and double-click Act.Outlook.Service.exe to start it.
I would also update ACT! to 10.0.3 and Office has service pack 3 applied.
If the problem is due to the Act.Outlook.Service.exe stopping it might be worth looking at event viewer to see if there are any errors.
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Re: Record History Issue on Emails

It does NOT solve the problem if I close/open ACT!, but if I reboot my machine and open ACT! the History record will sometimes appear. So, in a way it seems like it just needs to "refresh" but I can manually do a View\Refresh and it won't make a difference? MS Word is the email editor and I always click the contact's email address within ACT! to send an email. Does this make any sense?