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Record Email History or Sent Email as an Activity?

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Record Email History or Sent Email as an Activity?



I may already know the answer to this question, but thought I would post the question here to see if anyone has any solutions that I haven't found yet in my research.  We are running ACT!2008 Premium.


I am managing a sales team where I have set up a dashboard to monitor activities each month.  We are tracking activity counts (calls, meetings, emails) to get an idea of where our time is being spent.  We are set up with Outlook to record email histories in ACT, however we don't automatically do this every time, only on select emails of importance (quotes, negotiating terms, etc. etc.)


My question is when we select "Record History" in the History tab to document that an email was sent (versus creating an activity and clearing it right away, which would count as an activity) the email sent is not "counted" as an activity on my dashboard.  The same goes for the automatic recording of emails from Outlook, these aren't counted as activities either.  The only way I can get an "Email Sent" to count as a completed activity is to create a new activity (I have set up a custom email activity as "other") in my task list and then clear it right away.


Is there anything else that I should or could be doing to count emails as activities?  I am open to add-ons as well, and I also hear that newer versions of ACT support this? 


Any suggestions would be appreciated.  Thanks and Merry Christmas,





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Re: Record Email History or Sent Email as an Activity?

Ah yes - the difference between "cleared activities" and history.


When you create an email history, an activity was never created, so there is no record in the activity table with a status of "cleared" and thus it will not show in the dashboard activities component.


Simplest solution is likely to test out TopLine Results Dashboard add-on and see if this will let you do what you want.  Keep in mind, there is a good change that you will still need to have to seperate panels in the dash since the history is in one table and activities are in another.  Also, cannot recall if there limitations in the Act! 2008 version of data access that may not allow history access in this fashion...


In any case, TopLine offers a fully funcitoning trial of the Dash, so it won't cost you (other than a little time) to give it a whirl...


And yes, the current version of Act! supports reading the history table.  It even comes with a default dashboard segment gets you pretty close to what you want and can be customized if you know a little SQL to show display only the history types you are interested in...