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Recent Update

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Recent Update

I'm currently running Act! Premium Version, Update 4


I keep hearing that there was an update. I've never gotten any formal notification or prompt to update. Has there been one and if so, how do I update? Should I even update? It seems like there have been complaints of bugs and errors. 

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Re: Recent Update

First you must make a backup of your database - on the server or computer that acts as a database server..  Place a copy of the ZIP file of this backup on a USB or External Disk for more security


Database Administrator User - Make a note of your password in a safe place in case you forget it


If you are a single user with a single license, then the backup is on your computer...


If you have a server and a user or more ... you must first update the server and then the users' computers


All users must have the same Act! version


V20 Premium  -  Service Pack 1


WEB Server:!_Premium_Web_v20sp1x120.exe


Windows Server and Users:!_premium_v20_sp1x120.exe


(I suggest that... to run the update file - right click - Run as administrator)


After that....


.  Update 3 .  (Server and Users) -



You can find these updates in ...!-premium-v20-downloads

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Re: Recent Update

Hi Rachel,

Yes, we recently released v20.1 - if you have an active subscription you'd be entitled to update to the latest version. There were quite a few new features in 20.1, you can see what's changed here:

You can download the latest version from the site.