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Re: Database Supplemental Files - Error

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Re: Database Supplemental Files - Error

Hello everyone!

I'm French and I am already sorry for grammatical errors ... I'll do ...

I am an intern in a small company using the software ACT! Prenium by Sage 2009

If I am writing today because I have a very big problem with the software ACT!.
The software ACT! is installed on about 10 PCs (computers) but employees do not use it even
with the VPN. I must take care to run ACT! (in)VPN. So I'm currently testing (actually a test) with
ACT! on a laptop (client side) and now I have this error: "Unable(impossible) to find the
(folder) file supplemental (complementary) database "..." at this location "...". This may be a
problem sharing or (folder) file does not exist. Contact the administrator of your
I read the comments posted on the forum and I would like to know if I need(should) to do
the same thing? If I ask this and that I have not tried it yet because I'm not
allowed to touch the server where the database (is) without the network
administrator. I must wait the network administrator and especially I would
like not to come to nothing.


I hope to find the solution because I fought for this internship and without it I would not my diploma (DUT in France) ! Smiley Sad


Help me if you please!

Thank you in advance.

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Re: Database Supplemental Files - Error

Hello Sonia,

I've moved your post to the 'Premium' board, and here is the link to the knowledgebase article with the steps to resolve this issue: Cannot find database supplemental files folders.  You will need to go through these steps to determine what is causing the message.

Greg Martin
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Re: Database Supplemental Files - Error

Hello Sir,


I'm sorry for the time my answer but as the file was transferred I had not seen this move. Thank you for your link but I already done everything they say because I found this link a while ago.

Today I think that maybe the problem (issue) comes from the Cisco router connected before, and I'm checking ... I still have no resolution to this problem (issue) ...


Thank you for this answer very fast ! Smiley Happy