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RESOLVED : Error Setting Up Outlook (2007) with APFW via IE 8

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RESOLVED : Error Setting Up Outlook (2007) with APFW via IE 8

This problem was resolved during the course of documenting the problem but I'm still submitting it in case another user has a similar situation:



Original Problem Description:

I'm having difficulty setting up the email integration between ACT! 2013 Premium and Outlook 2007 (screen shot:


The error message says that after downloading installing the SageACTOutlookIntegration and installing it, I'm told that I need to recycle the IIS and I have done so on the server.  IIS is not installed on the remote laptop that is accessing the server via IE8.


So first question is : Does IIS need to be installed on the client computer or only the server?  (It is currently installed and fully operational on the server 2003 SP2, but not installed on the client/laptop running Windows Professional 7 and IE8)


Since I've recycled the SageACT application pool on the server, am I missing something obvious or just missing something?


Just as an FYI, ACT! Premium 2013 is installed on the client machine although I'm using the browser to access the web server (this is because we were using local installations and accessing via a VPN with no problems as long as the VPN didn't time out or otherwise disconnect - then we had problems so that's why I have it installed while I'm attempting access via the IE browser).


Thank you for any help that anyone can provide.




OK - I was tinkering and found the resolution while documenting all the steps so I'll point out where the problem was in case anyone else has a similar problem:


1.  IIS doesn't need to be on the client but does need to be on the web server and does need to be recycled (see 

2.  When configuring the email client, it asks for the web server location and states that it can be found in web server under email preferrences (which it can't) .... it's actually the http address and I successfully used "" but after entering that information along with database to access, user name and password the system displayed the link as \\CompanyServerName which was quite misleading (until you clicked on the "edit" and could see all of your information correctly displayed - if a web pathway is being used then there should be some more obvious distinction here so there is no confusion on whether the database is being accessed via Internet pathway or VPN or network pathway.

Once step 2 was resolved, Outlook was rebooted and it worked like a charm (although a bit slower over the Internet than via VPN which is what we expected

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Re: RESOLVED : Error Setting Up Outlook (2007) with APFW via IE 8

Thank you for posting your issue and resolution. I'm sure it will help others!
Greg Martin