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Quick Attach from Outlook Sent Folder

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Quick Attach from Outlook Sent Folder

I try to use quick attach from my sent folder but it puts the email in my contact not the contact I sent the email to.  Is there settings I need to change? 


We had issues with ACT not attaching emails to history, so there are a ton of emails that I have sent that were not attached to history,  I would like to go back now and attach them to the contact I sent them to.


Please help.




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Re: Quick Attach from Outlook Sent Folder

Not sure if I have this right, but QuickAttach will attach to the record the email is from, so it won't really work for the needs you describe.

Rita Kogstad
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Re: Quick Attach from Outlook Sent Folder

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Quick Attach will by default attach to the contact the message is From, which would be you for everything in Sent Items. You can adjust this setting from Screen 6 of the Email Setup wizard. Just change the value in the second box to "From and To contacts" - this will record incoming and sent messages to both you and the recipients. If you do not want it to record to your contact history, then you would also check the box for "Exclude My Record from history"

Greig Hollister

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