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Questions on Switching from Hosted to Non-Hosted

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Questions on Switching from Hosted to Non-Hosted

I'm currently using ACT through a hosting provider, 2 licenses. I want to switch to 1 license and just have it local. Whats the best way to do this? I have an older desktop version of Act I bought a few years ago and currently I am paying a subscription for the license and I believe I don't technically own a license but the hosting company has the main DB and I just have a remote.

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Re: Questions on Switching from Hosted to Non-Hosted

Hi topaz,

You will be able to request a backup of your database from your hosting provider. This can then be restored on the locally installed version of Act!.

Regarding the licence you bought, it will need to be for a version of Act! which is either newer or the same version as the version your hosted database is using, otherwise you won't be able to restore the backup into it.

I would suggest reaching out to your hosting provider to explain your intentions. They might be able to modify your subscription to suit your needs.