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Question on Importing

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Question on Importing

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I'm getting ready to do my first major import.  I did a couple small test runs to make sure I knew what I was doing and everything went okay before I dumped my file of 900+ (which is the first of about 20 odd lists I have). 
My question is for when you get to merging contacts...
If source records match destination records: Contact Records DO NOT CHANGE
If source records do not match destination records: Contact Records ADD
I'm not thinking I have these set correctly.  I also have, confirm each match set, then chose create a new contact.
In my first test scenario, I'm not sure what I did (I wrote notes the second time), but when I had 2 employees from the same company, somehow only one got imported.  In my second test, in which I know I followed the instructions above, all employess were indeed added. 
I want everyone that is in my list added (preferably without warning me there is a duplicate company)... what I want/need warning on and need a way to prevent is if there are duplicates between my new import and information already in the database.  Then I would somehow want to merge the 2 records (make sure they get marked as part of this new group or make sure any notes/history follows to the new record).
Can someone help me with this?  Oh, I'm using ACT 10.0.

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Re: Question on Importing

Backup your database before import
in act goto tools prefernces, select duplicate checking
check the option enable duplicate checking
select the record type as Contact
Duplicate match settings
match on contacts
then on phone
then on address 1
follow the same steps you performed during import
check the option confirm each match during import
try these and check