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Question about Restoring a Database

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Question about Restoring a Database

We have a guy working in a different state.
We (me and our ACC) could not get Web-sync working, so to get our new guy up and running temporarily i did a backup of our database, and sent him the file to do a restore as on his end,

Before i backed up the database i did NOT add him in as a new user, and now the option to add a new user is greyed out on his end.
Did i need to add him as a user before i backed it up?

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Re: Question about Restoring a Database

When the database is restored, it is a complete database - assuming the co-worker is signing in with your credentials, they would have all the same options available. 


It may be that they have Windows Vista or Windows 7 and need to run the program 'as administrator'; to do this:

- close ACT!

- right click on ACT! icon

- select 'run as administrator'

- check 'Manage Users' option

Greg Martin