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[Question] Social Media registration in Act.

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[Question] Social Media registration in Act.

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As a company we haven't been active on social media at all but we want to change that.

So now we have a question:


Is there something to make the registration of communication happening on social media sites easier in Act.


Our current forms of communication are Fax, Phone and E-mail and we register all of those as history in the right contact record in Act. It would be a shame if parts of that consistent timeline of data went missing because that communication happened on twitter or facebook or any other social network.


Ofcourse there's the option of manually copying and pasting everything, but we'd love it if there was some form to automate this.


Are there any plugins available for it, or is someone developping something for this, or maybe is this on a roadmap for a future version of Act?.

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Re: [Question] Social Media registration in Act.



   Ther eis currently only basic integration in Act! for Facebook and LinkedIn.  This will allow you to view recent updates by the contact, but it does not record history.  There may be a plugin available that does this, or maybe one could be written, but I would have to refer you to our Certified Consultants for that, many of which read these boards daily.  You can also find one here:


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