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Query to get Contacts without Linked Company

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Query to get Contacts without Linked Company

Is there a query to be made to get all contacts that does not (yet) belong to company.

I see in the contact list the difference between blue and black (without link) but I need to make

companies of the not yet linked contacts.



Nickel Super Contributor
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Re: Query to get Contacts without Linked Company



  No there isn't currently a way of getting unlinked contacts vs. linked contacts.  I can tell you about something that's right around the corner, though:


  Company Management is a new feature available in Act! v.16.  What it does is automatically creates/links contacts to companies once they've reached a threshold that you've set.  For instance, if you say the threshold for contacts is 2, once you have created two contacts with the same name in the company field, it will create the company and link the contacts.  It will also run this on your current contacts that already exist.


  I know this doesn't help you now, but if you're entitled to an upgrade in a few weeks you can save yourself a lot of work.

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