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Queries/Lookups Join Type

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Queries/Lookups Join Type



I am trying to create a dynamic group with several constraints. The lookup that is generated seems to be an INNER JOIN versus a LEFT OUTER JOIN or a FULL JOIN. I can say this because the lookup is missing many records that meet the specified criteria. We have several custom fields and I think we have a custom overflow table. I am not able to figure out how to force ACT to perform a LEFT OUTER JOIN with the custom table.


We are using ACT! by Sage Premium 2010 Version 12.0.409.0, Hotfix 3. Our database has about 14000 records.


Additional Info - This worked correctly in the previous versions of ACT (ACT 2009/ 2008). If I click to create a lookup on any of the dynamic groups created with previous versions of ACT the list of records generated is accurate. But if I click to edit criteria in ACT 2010, the search criteria is somehow modified in the backend and the results shown are incorrect again.


Any suggestions/thoughts on what might be happening here?