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Problems with outlook sync

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Problems with outlook sync

I have 1 client who is having issues with their outlook sync.  It is a company with 5 users all running windows 7.

They are running Act premium (web) 2012  which is shared out by the server which is running server 2008 R2.

Each user also has office 2010.


The issue that is occuring is that occasionally the outlook syncronization loses the location of the database and we need to go back in and point it to the database again.  When this happens the drive to the server is still mapped.    The latest step i have taken to try and troubleshoot this is changing their logon script from a GPO, to putting it in their AD profile.  I have not had a chance to confirm as it is random when it happens, and to which user.  Does anyone else have any ideas as to what could cause this other than issues with the mapped drives?  Should i try using UNC when pointing to the database?