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Problems with creating new groups using criteria

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Problems with creating new groups using criteria



I have been trying to create a new group based on very specific criteria.

Our ACT! have been customised so some of this may not make sense but I'm trying to search for contacts who have the following criteria:


Email field not empty (Field Name: Email / Operator: Contains Data)


Contact's relationship field is only prospect and/or client (Field Name: Relationship / Operator: Equal To / Value: Client & same with Value: Prospect)


They have been selected to receive marketing material for different product groups (Field Name: Marketing Drilling / Operator: Equal To / Value: True) - This repeated for Field Name: Marketing Procurement & Marketing Water)


I'm unsure of how to use the and/or options and the parenthesis. I have been unable to find a group that meets this criteria even though they are definitely there (should be at least 2,000)


Am I being too ambitious with this criteria or is there a way to simplify using and/or and parenthesis?


Any help would be greatly appreciated!





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Re: Problems with creating new groups using criteria

When creating the criteria you must think of the lines as a mathematic equation.  You will put parenthesis around the lines you want resolved together. 

As an extremely simple example:  A*B+C and A*(B+C) will give you differing results.

For your example, it looks like you would group the Relationship field criteria...

- Email Contains Data AND

- (Relationship equals Prospect OR

- Relationship equals Client) AND

- Marketing material equals Yes

Reading it out: Email contains Data AND (relationship equals Prospect OR Client) AND Marketing equals Yes 


This may not be the exact coding you will need, but hopefully it will help shine light on how to get your desired results.

Greg Martin