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Problems with Oppurtunitys

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Problems with Oppurtunitys

Hi All,


I currently have Sage ACT! Premium 2012 Version,


I have started to get the sales guys to enter in the product information on ACT and we use a piece of middleware that has been developed for us to import these details into a quote which happens with no problems. The 2 problems I have are;


- Every so often and for a reason I can't work out - all of the product details that are being quoted will randomly end up on someone elses oppurtunity - the oppurtunity is being created from the contact - product details are then enterted in but these product details will then end up on another live oppurtunity wiping out anything in its place.


- Also on completion of the oppurtunity we add the supplier to the contact section of the oppurtunirty record. The problem that comes from this is that on looking at the oppurtunity in "list view" it changes the company name to the supplier contact name - on hovering over the company name it acknowledges that the customer company name is still there - but it does not display... creating a nightmare for reporting... 


Thanks in advance..




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Re: Problems with Oppurtunitys

Does this happen only when the opportunity is added to a newly added contact record?

Roy Laudenslager
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Re: Problems with Oppurtunitys

no it happens to existing contact records in the database. Its very rare that we create a "new" contact within the database. 

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Re: Problems with contacts + Oppurtunitys

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Contact detail +oppurtunities to be displayed on screen ?

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Re: Problems with Oppurtunitys

We are having similar issues like this.

Sage ACT! Premium 2013 Version English (Canada) in a Shared environment.

PC's are running Windows 7 SP1.

It seems that when also clicking on a contact in a Group it will also randomly change a contact.

Going to try the repair tonight to see if it has any affect.

And will post back.  Any one else have any other thoughts?