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Problems with Contact Information saving to Lookup List

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Problems with Contact Information saving to Lookup List

We have just recently started using ACT, and have converted all our contects over from another CRM program. Thier names, along with addresses and phone numbers came over. I have also been trying to input additional data such as birthdays. I figured that before I do a couple hundred contacts that I should test the system to see if it would actually work to do reports and mail merges. I started out by going to the reports tab and chosing the birthday report and running it. When it came up in preview I scrolled through and no contacts had birthdays even though I had entered for a dozen or so people. Then I thought that maybe I hadn't saved the birthdays right, but when I went back to look at the contact in detail view the birthday was there...Just wondering what I am doing wrong? After this I thought I should try a mail merge, and when I completed it, it only showed the town the contact is located in. But then again when I went back to look at the contact in detail form it was complete with street, box #, city, and postal code. It was also the same thing when I tried to do reports with phone numbers.


Later I thought that maybe when we converted the contact information from this other CRM program, that maybe it didn't work properly. So what I decided to do was go and create a new contact from scratch, and this didn't work either.


I am just wondering what I am doing wrong, because I can't enter any more data without knowing that in the end it will work.



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Re: Problems with Contact Information saving to Lookup List

You should probably get with an Act! Certified Consultant to get Act! set up for you.  I don't have any idea why you are seeing the results you are seeing but I'm sure that the explanation is a simple one for someone who is looking at your database.



If you would like to get more out of ACT! you can find an ACT! Certified Consultant near you by going
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Re: Problems with Contact Information saving to Lookup List

Did you create new fields when you did your import?  If so, my suggestion is that you edit the templates and reports to take a look at the field names, then make sure your field names match.  For example, you might have created a birthday field when the report is based on the birth date field.

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Re: Problems with Contact Information saving to Lookup List

Because your database was converted from another CRM, the first test I would do is open the demo database and try running the reports and the templates. If they work in the demo database as expected then you have issues with the way the data was converted from your old CRM system. It's good to find out now rather than after you had spent time adding new information to the database. As was suggested in another post, if the problem is the conversion you should contact an ACT! Certified Consultant. and get and assessment of what the problems are and what it would take to correct the problems.

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