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Problems with ACT! Premium for Web Version

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Problems with ACT! Premium for Web Version

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At my company we upgraded to the Web version of ACT!.  We have 30 users on the system.  We have had these problems:


1. Memory Leak? - Every couple of days I was having to stop and restart IIS every couple of days when the system locked up.  Users would get an error about a Server Error.  The event log has: error occured on pageSystem.Data Message: Exception of type 'System.OutOfMemoryException' was thrown. The work around that I am now doing is that every morning I recycle the Application Pool.  This clears out the memory allocated and users can make it through the day with out that error.


2. Users locked out -  The error message says that an invalid user name and password have been entered and they are locked out for 5 minutes. However they never get the opportunity to put in the username and password. They just open the browser and the message comes up.


3. Slow response - The web pages come up very slowly.  We were hoping to see an improved performance but this one is just as slow. 


The users are not happy with the upgrade.  They feel they are being inconvienced by these issues.  Is anyone else seeing these things?  Did anyone come up with solutions?


Thank you.

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Re: Problems with ACT! Premium for Web Version

I am having many issues with the web version as well. We came from the regular ACT! 2000 until the file was corrupted and switched to the web version.


I am having a couple of issues such as:


1. The information does not load all the way when you create a new note, but instead you have to tab over and tab back to see your work show up.

2. Sometimes when you do what I listed in #1, the page goes completly blank and states that it is done.

3. I have more than two users who are trying to work together on a project from each of their computers, but the font size and style are very different and I do not know how to permenetly change them back to the same way.

4. I need to make tabs on the left hand side of the screen and I can not get the application to cooperate.


For the response time: Colander- check your memory (RAM) because you might have to upgrade. Also, make sure that you don't have many applications running and sometimes Outlook will slow it down quiet a bit.