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Problems running reports

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Problems running reports



I am using Sage ACT! Premium (Web) 2013 Version: with Windows 8.  I am accessing a database on our University host server.  I am using the latest version of Firefox (with pop up blocker disabled).


As of this weekend, I have been experiencing problems running an Activities report.  I will first use the Lookup search feature to find an opportunity that I have been working on to enter activities.  I will attempt to run the report "Activities detail listed by contacts".  The define filters pop up box appears with the default "Create report for All Companies".  The "Current Lookup" and "Current Company" check circles are greyed out so I can't choose to run the report for the specific opportunity searched via the Lookup.  Even if I run the report for All Companies (with me selected as the user), the output is blank and the report header reads "Company Comprehensive"


This is all very odd and has just started happening around 6-4-2016.  Can you please advise?



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Re: Problems running reports

There are some confusing issues regarding your listing of steps, for one you refer to using the Activities Listed by Contact report but then say that the filters refer to companies. However the main problem may be that the ACT! reports won't report on activities attached to Opportunities.

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Re: Problems running reports

We have an external report writer for ACT which can give you your desired reports and or a

limited time our $299 Impact Report Designer is FREE! 


How you ask?

If you are a small shop then this is your best reporting friend. For large shops with many, many end-users purchasing the simplified Report Runner is your best option. Either way the Impact report Designer is free!


Download here:



Here are just two example of opportunity reports:

Opportunities with Activities, Notes and history.


Opportunity Time Spent:



-- Jim Durkin