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Problems exporting database off of our network

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Problems exporting database off of our network

We desperately need to export our existing database file from our local server onto a jump drive and then import into our ACT premium. When I pull up the file to export it asks for a login and passcode. The admin login/passcode and others do NOT work and we really need to explort the file.


Please resolve or tell me how we can gain access to this older database and then how to import it into ACT premium online.


Thank you. Your prompt attention is appreciated.



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Re: Problems exporting database off of our network

There are several ways of doing this and each depend on what you are trying to do.


First can you share what version of ACT you are coming from? (from help, about) 

Second what is the ulitmate goal? (Move data to another server, merge data from a few different server, convert to another version?)

Third, what steps are you doing and what happens when you try? Any error?


When you say export, do you mean move?


depending on the version of ACT, there are different tools for cracking a password if you don't know it.  Usually it's the person's name who used the database.  Are you able to get into the database at all as any user?

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