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Problems after 10.0.3

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Problems after 10.0.3

Hello, I have a central database with about 12 users currently syncing their rdbs back on an hourly schedule.


After upgrading to Act 10.0.3 I am experiencing the following issues:

Dashboards and layouts have been renamed to MyDashboard-Date-I-Installed-10.0.3.dsh, should I simply rename them back (by going to database files\Dashboards) and renaming them there?

The dashboard filters have reverted to their original configuration. (more description below)

 When creating new users, I receive the error message object reference not set to instance of an object

After the update all existing act scheduler items disappeared (the database sync obviously being the important one)


More on dashboard filters, I deleted the ACT Sales Process and created a new one, called Company Sales Process.

All default dashboard filters are set to Company Sales Process and stage is NONE (rather than ALL).


I also have one user who swears that he's syncing and seeing that the sync completes but it does not show up in Sync Reports, it shows as last attempt, are there log files on my side that I can consult, or on the users?




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Re: Problems after 10.0.3

If you rename the Dashboards back and reset the filters, do the settings hold after someone syncs?

For the object reference error:

- Try deleting Preferences from ActDiag (Close ACT, Start/Run, type in "actdiag"...then go to Tools/Delete Preferences)

- If this fails, then have all users exit the database and from the server, go to Tools/Database Maintenance/Check & Repair)


You can view the sync log files from the Synchronization Panel on the server.  The files are also located in following directory:

C:\Documents & Settings\All Users\Application Data\ACT\Act for Windows\SYNCLOG.xml

Greig Hollister

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