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Problems adding new user from contact list

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Problems adding new user from contact list

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On we interface I go to add new user from existing contact in the DB. When it shows me the screen to select the contact, the entire list is blank. It allows me to scroll but nothing is showing up.  If I select one of the blanks and continue, it populates the user info, so I would have to guess which one to select which is impossible.


If I try again it just says Waiting for Data instead of giving me the blank list to select form. If I cancel out and start over from Manage Users it gives me the blank list again.


I though * might be a video card issue but I have tried this on both Firefox and Explorer and on 3 different laptops (2 of which have identical hardware profile).


ACT said it is a server issue and the VAR needs to call ACT so they can make some changes to their server.  This didn't sound right so I called the VAR and they said they can see the list fine so it's not their issue.


I spent over an hour talking to Act support and the VAR support and have gotten nowhere, not to mention the hourly charge I am getting. Is there any solution or workaround for this?