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Problem with Microsoft Word Act Add-in

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Problem with Microsoft Word Act Add-in

I have a problem with the Act Add-in button in MS Word.  It’s supposed to look like the screenshot below, but on the computer in question the Add-in shows, but it is grayed out.


There is no pulldown.  This had Office 2013.  We uninstalled Act, then uninstalled Office 2013.  Then we installed Office 2016, and reinstalled Act.  Even after doing that it’s having the same problem.  The Act communication settings are set to use Word as the word processor.


- Version of Act! you are using:

On Windows 10 workstations:  Act Premium , Update 4

On Windows 2016 Server:  Act Premium Web , Update 4


- If the issue involves Microsoft Office (Outlook, Word , Excel), state the version of Office you are using

Office 2013 & Office 2016


- Is your database on your local machine (private database) or is it being shared from a server (shared database)?

Shared from a server.


- Operating system you have Act! installed on (i.e., Windows 7, Windows 8)

Windows 10 on the workstations.  Windows Server 2016 on the Act server.


act pulldown.jpg



Astute Commentator
Posts: 54
Country: USA

Re: Problem with Microsoft Word Act Add-in

Has anyone seen this?


Here are more details.  We use the 32 bit versions of Office because I have heard bad things about Act-Office integration using 64 bit office.  I am surprised the fully uninstalling Act then Office 2013, then installing Office 2016 and Act didn't fix my problem.  At what point does Act install the Word integration?  At what point does Act check for the existence of Office?  Thanks.