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Problem with Act! data after Cloning Production VM to a Test VM

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Problem with Act! data after Cloning Production VM to a Test VM

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Found an interesting issue after Cloning our Production ACT! V17 Premium for Web Windows Server 2012 R2 VM. The Cloned VM was given a different Host Name, Different IP Address on a Different Sub Net, and a different MAC address. However, when I spin it up, it is mirroring the production machine. Any changes to the ACT! data on Production is also changed on the Test Clone and Vice Versus. We cloned this machine a year ago, when I tried to upgrade from V17 to V18, and didn't have this issue. It didn't happen when we cloned it before the upgrade from V16 to V17 for testing a couple years ago either. I did NOT upgrade to V18 by the way and no changes other than routine security patches and Windows Updates have been done to the Production VM. We're all scratching our heads trying to figure this out. We originally installed V16 on a brand new Win 2012 R2 VM with only the recommended roles. A "By the book" install. A year later, we upgraded to V17 using the downloaded software package (after testing on a cloned VM). No additional software has been added to the server. It only has the required server roles and the ACT! Premium V17 for Web installed (Act! Premium (Web) Version, Hot Fix 2 to be exact). Am I missing something here? How can 2 different machines on 2 separate networks share the same data? More importatntly, what do I have to do to prevent this from happening? I need to test the V19 upgrade on the Test VM before we upgrade the Production VM! We had troubles with the V18 upgrade, which is why we didn't move on that one, which is why we test before hand. Help! Also, this is a shared database among 7 people.

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Re: Problem with Act! data after Cloning Production VM to a Test VM

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Hi Bruce,


i would sugest the following steps (all of this steps on the clone)


1. use ActDiag.exe to remove the Database from SQL 

2. delete Pad File

3. Open the ADF file, (it will create a new pad file) 


and your issue should be solved






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