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Problem Restoring Database

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Problem Restoring Database

I'm currently running ACT! 2013 Premium.


I was doing some housekeeping and deleted an older databse. When I went to restore a database using the same database name, in "Restore As", I get an error message (attached):


"This move cannot be completed as there is already a database with this name on this computer."


I've looked using ActDiag and also in Windows Explorer, and I absolutely do NOT see any reference to the database name I want to use. I've searched my computer and don't find any instances of .adf and can't figure this out.


Any idea on what the problem is and how I fix it?

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Re: Problem Restoring Database

the database is only going to show up in ACTDiag if it has been attached to SQL.  Check for Windows shares under Manage Computers and see if there is an old Share out there holding onto the supplemental file folder name.  ACT will want to create that as part of the restore.

Patricia Egen
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Re: Problem Restoring Database

What about restoring as a different name?  Say, add a number or letter to the end of the original name?

Rita Kogstad
RKA Associates
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