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Probably a corrupted database

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Probably a corrupted database

I have had crazy behavior for sometime across the past few years and versions including my recent move to v12.  I seem to get duplicate records created and many contacts have history items from that do not belong to them!  Also after upgrading to v12 I don't see all the tabs like the relationships tabs!  I've tried doing database rebuilds but this doesn't seem to help much!


I've tried creating a new database from scratch and importing my old database, but this seems to run continuous and never finishes even when left to run over night!  I only have 800 Contact Records.  When I shut down ACT and reboot, most of the history is lost or from other records!


What do I need to do to repair my database?

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Re: Probably a corrupted database

Potentially two different problems, first the easy one.


THe missing tabs like the relationship tab can be turned on and off in the layout editor (tools, Define layouts, Contacts), then Edit, Tabs from within the editor.


If you database has missing histories, check for the obvious first (Check your filters), Then do maintenance. It's still messed up, could be a result of a bad handheld sync or an add on that syncs malfunctioning.  Would require a further look to determine next course of Action.  From a good backup, it might be possible to save some data.

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Re: Probably a corrupted database



Did you export the My Records from the original database before importing?  Also, if the original database has private records did you account for those records when importing?  You can use the Table Rowcounts report in ACTDiag to get the number of private records.