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Private contacts sync to other remote users

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Private contacts sync to other remote users

We are using Act! Version, Update 4, remote databases that sync to the cloud database.  I keep many personal contacts on my ACT!, and made them all "private" to keep from cluttering other's screens.  I just was on a user's site helping him with a problem, and noticed that all of my private contacts are showing up on his screen, and they have the lock icon showing just like mine.  Can't seem to figure out why, any thoughts on what I'm doing wrong?

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Re: Private contacts sync to other remote users

ACT tends to sync everything and then restrict who can see them.


Were you logged onto the remote as the user or did you log on as yourself on their database?


If logged on as the remote user could they open the private records?


Did you see them in the contact or company views?


It might be possible to set up a sync set for the remotes that excludes any private records from the records synced if this is a problem..