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Printing most recent contact notes

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Printing most recent contact notes

Hi guys,


I'm currently using Act Sage Premium 2009 (with hotfix 1), and I'm having trouble with some of my custom reports.


Mostly I would like to know if there is a way to create a report, or a print a lookup, that shows the most recent note.


Some of my clients I deal with on a daily basis, and some I don't need to contact for a few months so If I choose notes by date range I can end up with 18 notes for one contact, and one note for another. Best case scenario I could just have my report showing the 1-3 most recent notes on that contact. It seems like there should be a really easy way of doing this but I have yet to discover it.


If anyone has any tips, or found a way of solving a similar problem, I would love to hear about it.



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Re: Printing most recent contact notes

For several years I said that couldn't be done then I got a bright idea and was able to create a report template that prints only the most recent Call Completed, To-do Done, Meeting Held and Note for any date range selected. It prints only one of each and only the most recent. Easy, no. It took extensive VB script programming along with editing the template XML code to create the report template. It is available in my report package.

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