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Printing a 'COMPANY COMPREHENSIVE' report in ACT!

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Printing a 'COMPANY COMPREHENSIVE' report in ACT!



I PA for a Sales Rep who likes to have print-outs on his customers when he goes on sales trips, and I have always printed the COMPANY COMPREHENSIVE report and this would suffice. But since upgrading to ACT! Premium when I print this same report - it prints the report as many times as there are contacts attached to the company.  Ie: if one company has 4 contacts, it prints a duplicate of the report 4x. If there's one contact then it only prints it once.


Apart from being annoying - its a big waste of paper.




Thanks in advance

- Felicity

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Re: Printing a 'COMPANY COMPREHENSIVE' report in ACT!

It's possible that the report you're using has become corrupted. upgrading the ACT! program would not change any of the report templates in one database. Each database has it's own set of report templates. That said, mu best guess is that the report template was edited and a contact table field was added to the main body of the report  That would produce the results that you're experiencing.

Roy Laudenslager
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