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Preventing emails from being logged to selected contacts

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Preventing emails from being logged to selected contacts

In the email configuraiton, it intelligently gives you the option of "excluding My Record" from history so that when you send emails you dont end up with a million history items in your own contact record - however, lets say that myself and Katie are both users and both sales team members - every time she sends me an email, it is logged to my record in history - this is as useless as me logging emails I send to other in my record's hisotry.  Is there any way of maintaining a list of contacts or act users or somethign that will effectively block act from storing a history record to a matched email address?
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Re: Preventing emails from being logged to selected contacts

The ACT! Outlook Service is set to record an email in the history of any contact record that has a matching email address. There are two ways to avoid having this happen when someone sends you an email:


- The sender will need to manually choose "Do not record history" from the Outlook message screen when sending you an email. This may not be desirable if the sender wishes to record history for other recipients of the message.


- Remove your email address from your user contact record in the ACT! database. If there is no email address in ACT! to match, then history will not be recorded.

Greig Hollister

Note: Effective 6/1/13, Sage no longers provides support for the Act! software. This is now provided by Swiftpage.

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Re: Preventing emails from being logged to selected contacts

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This is one of several threads I have come across that address this problem but it doesn't take into account another prescient problem which is when you remove users email addresses from the database, all the emails to users that don't attach...sit out in the history log hogging memory until it completely bogs down workstation performance.  I have poured over all the responses because in my first two weeks with ACT! I have bounced between these two problems.  It seems I must accept one or the other and frankly, that is UNaccceptable.  Anything I am missing here? 


I realize this is an old thread but because it has an ACT moderator on it I am hoping to get some info from the source.  Please help.