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Premium to Pro ??

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Re: Premium to Pro ??

Well, as Bob found out, SAPM is the SalesLogix Mobile client, and that's been around for awhile and well-received.  Funny, but there's even links in the SAPM that refer to SalesLogix modules like Trouble Ticketing that have been disabled.  Based on that, I'm pleased.  My customers work primarily in the NY area, and as I've mentioned, wireless access (3G, 4G & WiFi) is pervasive.  

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Re: Premium to Pro ??

The early versions of SLX Mobile were not received well ... maybe they've got used to the limitations?

Wonder if the SLX version has these issues:
* All users have same time-zone and date/phone formatting as per server - even the full ACT! for Web is ok with those
* No country codes on numbers in country of My Record (or server) ... so can't dial when travelling o'seas
* Incorrect handling of phone numbers in some countries
* No recording of emails to history
* No Caller ID
* No alarms
* No access on a plane
* No Filtered search ... you get a message to call another "Kevin" - try looking him up

As you can see ... some are limitations of a web app, others are poor coding or poor understanding of the needs.