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Preference problem.

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Preference problem.

I have several databases.  I may visit one or more during a session.  However, I wanted to always return to the same database on Startup.  I went to Preferences - Startup and unfortunately (for me) I had a finger problem and selected the ADF file instead of the pad file.  Now, when I open ACT I get a message telling me the ADF file is not a proper pad file.  I know that.  But, when I either close the messege or click OK, ACT closes.  Period.  First time in over 40 years I see software that won't let you correct your mistake.  Any Ideas?

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Re: Preference problem.

Try deleting your preferences with ACTDIAG.

Roy Laudenslager
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Re: Preference problem.

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Hello boutlou,

It's a little unusual for the .ADF file to selected instead of the .PAD since you would have to changes the Files of Type on file selection screen from >PAD to "All files". But this has shown that we may need to put a safeguard in place to prevent the .ADF from selected. Roy's suggestion to delete the preferences using the ACT! Diagnostics tool will work to resolve, but it will also set all preferences back to their defaults, so would have to go back into Tools > Preferences and set them up again. If you don't want to do this, here is an alternate method to manually edit the preference file:

- Close ACT!

- Click your Windows Start button, click Run or go to the Search box on the Start menu, and type %appdata%

- Open the ACT! folder, then ACT! Data, then Preferences

- Find the file at the bottom called "CApreferences206.xml" if using Canadian preferences or "USpreferences206.xml" if using US preferences.

- Right-click on the file and select Open With > Notepad

- Press Ctrl+F to bring up the Find box and search for .adf

- This will find the setting for the startup database - just change the .ADF in the filepath to .PAD

- Close and save the file

- Open ACT! and it will open your database

Greig Hollister

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