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Preference Files not saving

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Preference Files not saving

When the user closes Act then opens it up again all preferences are set back to default.  Outlook sync settings are wiped out from Tools-Preferences  (this is intermittent, I've seen everything work fine for a few weeks then all of a sudden everything resets)


My troubleshooting:

Tried rebuilding the preference files, tried deleting all preference files, deleted the act data directory in %appdata%, cleared preferences from the server



Act 18.2, 19.2, 20.  Each version has the latest update installed

All clients are locally installed without SQL.  Database files are hosted on remote servers.

Win7 Office 2010/13


I support over 350 Act users and these preference files are taking up way too much of my time, I'm getting multiple calls per week and nothing seems to fix it.  The users have been requesting a different CRM for a few years now and I've always been against it but this has become a maintenance nightmare and a major time sink. 


What can cause Act to revert back to default settings?

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Re: Preference Files not saving

Is it only the Outlook settings or others as well?
If it's just Outlook, this can happen when Outlook opens and it can't connect in time over the network to see the database.
As a fix, copy the PAD file from the server to the local PCs... Then point to that when opening Act! and in the Outlook database settings.

Act! 20.1 has a vastly superior Outlook integration and uses the new APIs from Microsoft. Unfortunately, that means it can't work with Office 2010
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Re: Preference Files not saving

Thanks, Mike
I figured it would have something to do with the network or windows profile, I've been copying the pad directly to the users desktop for a while now but this annoying issue keeps popping up. The other preference files fail to load at times too but no where near as often as outlook.
Is there something, I could get the users to do when Outlook/Act don't connect at startup or will the Outlook sync need to be reconfigured every time?
Most of the time, I'm having to jump through a few loops to get it fixed. I usually
Stop all Act related processes
remove the Act address book from the mail profile (in outlook)
close outlook
open act
reconfigure sync
open Outlook.

I know it's not a huge deal but these users are absolutely clueless when it comes to computers, I've documented the solution that even a 2 year old could understand but they still keep calling for help.

As for Act 20.1
We are almost done with Office 2016 compatibility testing (we have ~700 applications.) I'll be pushing Act 20.1 as soon as Office 2016 is in place. Bah, I've just realized this is going to give me another headache.. .. I'm gonna have to upgrade every single client/database....ohhh ffs.