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Pictures i attach in documents make database sooo big.

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Pictures i attach in documents make database sooo big.

Currently have ACT premium 2010. 

The publisher database is on a computer at the office, and about 6 remote databases sync to it.  Still Learning act as this is our first attempt at using any type of program for our business.


My problem right now is that we wanted to attach pictures for each customer.  Each customer has about 8-10 pictures.  I go to documents, click add file and add the pictures.  Right now at 100 customers it's not so bad, but I can imagine once i input more customers, close to 1000 will be inputed in a few weeks, that the database will be huge.  Syncing 100 pictures at 1mb a piece will be a long sync for our remotes.


I'm wondering if it is possible to just link a shortcut in ACT, yet still allow the remotes to click the shortcut and view, download and print the pictures without having to actually have them all on their computer.  I've been google searching like mad, but everywhere i look says that the shortcuts are just for the computer that created them. 


Now I understand why that is, but i'm thinking there has to be a way for others to see those pictures either by hosting them on some sort of network drive or server or maybe through hamachi which we are using to sync.


I don't know enough about networking, but is this possible?  


I'll rephrase my question to make it a little clearer.  I want to store these pictures on a single computer/drive and have remotes be able to pull up the shortcut through act.  I'm wondering if this is achieveable through hamachi or some sort of network setup i could purchase.  



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Re: Pictures i attach in documents make database sooo big.

Yes, you could do that.  You'd create shortcuts to the files rather than attaching them.  The files would have to be available on a shared folder on your network and the remotes would need access to them, using a VPN or perhaps Hamachi like you mentioned.


Keep in mind that speed is a factor - if you have a lot of people hitting a VPN and pulling down 1MB files, it might work well or it could be pokey.  Depends on the usage and your Internet/VPN speed.


I agree with you though, you've got to plan a way to handle this else your 10MB files x 1,000 contacts puts you at 10GB of attachments, which will potentially create major sync headaches and remote creation issues for you.

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Re: Pictures i attach in documents make database sooo big.

Yay it worked.  I ended up having to map a network drive though.  Act wouldn't just take a shortcut from a shared folder as the address to it would be the c: drive and the remote computer would think it meant it's own C: drive and not the main databases.  So i mapped a folder and called it a M: drive and went through M: to attach the shortcuts and through some magic and hamachi i can pull up the pics from my house 50 miles away and not need to actually download them all with each sync.  


Yay thanks for the help.