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Phone number format

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Phone number format

Hallo from italy, I'm using Act! Premium Version, Update 9 with Windows10. I have an Act WEB version on a cloud server and we syncronize remotely the database. I also syncronice contacts with outlook. I have disabled in the general settings the country code display and created a format mask +39 (%%%) %%%-%%%%  in Italy for land lines we must keep the 0 in from of the number. What happens is that on the local Act I enter the number correctly with the mask but after some period it removes the 0 and goes to a different mask. On the Could server this doesn't happen but after syncronizatin of course is changed as well. 


This is the server 


Two contacts the one on top is the correct way it must be with a zero in from the one below I have entered correctly but after sysnc it took the wrong format from my Pc version see below Pc version this is before sync. now if it does it will take the wrong format. 



What is strange is tat is changing also the format mask 




If I don't syncr with server the server version stay the same in the correct format.


can someone help??