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Phone Number Formatting

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Phone Number Formatting

Hi everyone, we're running APFW 2009.  Some CRM agents are attempting to perform lookups against a variety of fields, and the Phone Number lookup is causing grief, mainly because with the 30,000 contacts we have, the phone number is formatted a variety of ways.  Some have parenthesis, some spaces, some dashes, some a combination of the above.  So they have to use Phone Number "contains", and then use the last 4 digits of the phone number.


Two questions:
1 - Is there a way to format the phone numbers we have to a standard.
2 - Can we enforce the same standard on new phone number entries?




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Re: Phone Number Formatting

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Re: Phone Number Formatting

Have you tried just putting in the numbers? Works for me.
Roy Laudenslager
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Re: Phone Number Formatting

You can set a default phone number format by clicking the square button with three dots next to the phone field. The window that pops up changes the current record. If you then click the "Edit Formats" button you can determine the format for all new records in the database.


Each country, including your own, has its own phone number format, so it's important that you have your country in your own contact record (Lookup > My Record). It is also important that each user of the database does this as well.


Which format, or no format (freeform) doesn't make much difference, but manually putting in brackets or spaces when you enter the number does, because if you manually put them in you have to manually take them out.


I always advise that you create some "Rules" for your company to describe how various things, including phone numbers are entered so that these are standardised throughout the organisation.


Here's a KB article which may help to "correct" the existing records.


Hope that helps.



Jeff Granger
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Re: Phone Number Formatting

What if that little rectangle with the elipsis is missing?


Robert M. Burns
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