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Phone Compatability with ACT - Palm Pro / Blackberry / iPhone

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Phone Compatability with ACT - Palm Pro / Blackberry / iPhone

Have a 3 year old Treo 650 that synchs with ACT for Workgroups 2006, Version 8.02.82, use CompanionLink to synch.  Only use Outlook for email, don't synch to device and use phone for calendar and then synch to ACT, enter contact info in ACT and then synch down to phone.  Downloads quite a bit of information onto the Treo 650. 


Since Treo 650 is long in tooth, looking to replace with either new Palm or a Blackberry or iPhone.  iPhone appears to have best user interface and it would be the choice if I wasn't concerned about synching the information, but hear that need to synch to Outlook and then synch phone with Outlook and will probably lose alot of information.  Palm Centro would be easiest replacement in regard to synching the information (still has Palm OS) and I understand that my using CompanionLink Blackberry should synch fine, is that the experience in the field?  Also, does the synch between ACT and Windows Mobile work?  Does anyone have a solution for iPhone synch of data, if I was confident there was a tested solution, the iPhone wins.  Thanks for your assistance.  

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Re: Phone Compatability with ACT - Palm Pro / Blackberry / iPhone

I find Handheld Contact has the best sync to ACT! and does it directly.


It currently works with Blackberry or Windows Mobile devices, with iPhone due later this year