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Permissions issue over a VPN

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Permissions issue over a VPN

We've set up a VPN between two sites, and have ACT installed on one server, and two laptops to access the server.


1 is on the LAN ie: same site as the server, the other is a remote site over VPN.


I've changed the pad file so that it directs to the servers local static IP address, rather than computer name.


On opening the .pad file we get the login page from the remote site, but it comes up with an error saying that we don't have the required permissions to access the database files.


The database files are stored on a public folder and we can read/write to that file over the VPN.

somebody please help as it's making ACT! pretty useless to us!

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Re: Permissions issue over a VPN


We wouldn't really recommend accessing an ACT! dB directly over a VPN connection. Users need to have full access rights to the supplemental folders as well that are located in the same location as the ADF and ALF files. It's within those folders that attachments, layouts and templates are stored.
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Re: Permissions issue over a VPN

Our remote site can open the .pad file, but it's the server permissions we're having the snags with.


ACT! is sold a networkable CRM solution. It's no use if the other site cannot access the DB.

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Re: Permissions issue over a VPN

Hello SeymourSigns,
Go to the location of the supplemental files for the database (i.e., mydatabase-database file), and grant Full Control to the 'Everyone' group to that folder. Also, make sure the 'Share Database' option is checked under the Tools menu in ACT!.

Greig Hollister

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