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Permission issue creating RemotDataBase

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Permission issue creating RemotDataBase

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I am running Premium 11 on a 64bit Vista Ultimate machine.

I have installed both Network and Internet Sync software.  No problems.


Attempting to create an RDB I get the following error stating the the RDB cannot be created because access to a backup file is denied.


Failed to create Remote Database.

Access to the path "c://xxxxxxx/xxx/xxxx/xxx/backup/xxxxxxx" is denied.

Please contact administrator.



I am an administator in the Database.


What could be the issue?






I see that the error is happening when the temporary backup file is being written in the same folder as the database files.

I have tried using different Users. I have matched the Users in Vista to the Users in Act.

I have moved the folder containing the database files to the PUBLIC area of documents.


None of these measures has helped.


I am frustrated beyond belief and have now spent 40 hours trying to fix this.  My project is delayed.


Please help!



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Re: Permission issue creating RemotDataBase



Just got off the phone with a very smart tech from an consulting group who told me to turn off User Access Control.


I did, and the RDB was created perfectly.


Dont you just love VISTA!!!