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Pasword set up

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Pasword set up

I am using Act ver 18.2.53

I host the main database on my computer with two remote user (employees) that I synchronize with via VPN.

For simplicity sake, none of us have set passwords on our database.

At the open screen I can enter the database under the name of either of the three users and see the database from the perspective of that user......of course, the other two users can do the same.

I am going to have occasion to enter private information into the database that I only want myself to have access to.  Right now when I enter anything into the calendar as "private" the other users can see that there is an entry, but not what it is......however, if they were to enter the database using my user name they would be able to see what the event was.......and I want to curtail that.


Can I set up a password for my user name only so that if the other users were to try to enter the database using my user name they would not be able to without the password?


If this can be done, will it affect the other two users remote versions of the database or affect our ability to synchronize the database?


Any helps is greatly appreciated.



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Re: Pasword set up

You can set a password just for you and that means they could not log on as you once they have also synced after you make the change. It will not change sync or have any other effect except you will also have to add your password in the emails wizard if you have linked ACT with Outlook.

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Re: Pasword set up

Yes, If you want no one to log on the database with your username you can setup a password and it wont affect the sync. Or else if you are an Administrator of the database you can give limited access to specific users. Below explains the steps: